Academia doesn’t have the corner on the ‘lousy writing’ market….

From the Chronicle of Higher Ed blogs:

The Etiology of Turgid Drivel

(Just for fun.)


TED talks from The Onion

In case you hadn’t realized it, this part of the blog is where Carol and I can link to all the fun stuff that we don’t have time to share in class… like TED talk parodies from The Onion:

My personal favorites: “What is the Biggest Rock?” and “Using Social Media to Cover for a Lack of Original Thought

(Content advisory warning: some use of colorful language, etc. And a ridiculous rabbit hole, so only press play if you’ve got an hour to fritter away on these… 🙂 )

Oxford-style debates

If our little ‘sampling’ of Oxford-style debating tonight left you longing to learn more, you might enjoy “Intelligence Squared“, the NPR podcast/radio show Carol mentioned tonight.

Debate: In An Online World, Are Brick And Mortar Colleges Obsolete? April 9, 2014 • Proponents of online education say it’s flexible and economical. But skeptics say “college by Internet” is a pale substitute for real-world exchanges with instructors and peers inside the classroom.