Censors at Work

Robert Darnton has just published a book you might be interested in. Yes, the same person whose podcast interview you recently listened to [link]…timely topic for class!



Writing advice from grad students

This piece, in Inside Higher Ed, had a great overview of some of the ways to overcome so-called writer’s block. Essentially, the author gives a list of ways to “trick” yourself into writing, but many of them are good ways to get momentum on any difficult piece of work.

TED talks from The Onion

In case you hadn’t realized it, this part of the blog is where Carol and I can link to all the fun stuff that we don’t have time to share in class… like TED talk parodies from The Onion:

My personal favorites: “What is the Biggest Rock?” and “Using Social Media to Cover for a Lack of Original Thought

(Content advisory warning: some use of colorful language, etc. And a ridiculous rabbit hole, so only press play if you’ve got an hour to fritter away on these… 🙂 )